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This privacy policy regarding personal data (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”) is valid in regards to all of the data that Sole Proprietor Vasilyev Mikhail Alekseevich (PSRNSP: 317774600252158 ITN: 772406541311, registration address: Russia, Moscow city, Borisovskiye Prudy, 18) may receive from the user when they visit the website (hereinafter referred to as: “Website”, “Site”).

By accepting the Policy users agree with the terms and conditions of personal data processing stated in the Policy. If users disagree with the Policy, they must leave the website.

1. Users Data received and processed by the website.

1.1. By “user’s personal data” this Policy means the following information:
    1.1.1. Personal data that the users provides when they subscribe to the newsletter, register on the website (creating an account) or in the process of using the website.

    1.1.2. The data automatically transferred by the Website during its use via downloaded software, including IP-address, cookies, information about the browser (or any other software used to access the website), the time of access, and the address of the requested page.

    1.1.3. Data provided to the website in order to improve the service or increase the value of the website, as following:
    • 名字
    • E-mail
    • Social network account or personal website links
1.2 This Policy is only applicable to this website and bears no responsibility for third party’s websites which users may access via links available on the website. Third party’s websites and sources may collect or request users’ personal data and conduct other actions.

1.3. The website does not verify personal information provided by the users and does not control their legal agency. However, the Website is operating based on assumption that users provide sufficient information in the website’s forms and keeps this information updated.

2. The goals of collecting and processing users’ personal data.

2.1. The website collects and processes only the data that are necessary for providing the service and/or providing other values to the website visitors.

2.2. Users’ personal data can be used for the following purposes:

    2.2.1. To identify parties of agreements with the website.
    2.2.2 To provide personalized services to the users.
    2.2.3 To contact the users. It includes sending notifications, requests, and information regarding the website, as well as processing requests from the users.
    2.2.4 To improve the quality and user ability of the website, and developing new services.
    2.2.5 To target advertisement.
    2.2.6 To conduct statistical analysis and other researches based on collected data.
    2.2.7 To transfer the data to the third party in order to operate the website (for example, sending hosting users’ data on TimeWeb hosting).
    2.2.8 To sign and terminate agreements with legal entities, individuals and other parties in accordance with the valid legislation.

3. Terms of processing users’ data and of transferring it to the third parties.

3.1. The website keeps users’ data in accordance with the regulations of particular services.

3.2. The website keeps users’ data confidential, except the cases where a user gives an explicit agreement to provide an access to their data to the public.

3.3. The website has the right to provide users’ personal information to the third parties in the following cases:
    3.3.1. When the user gave his explicit agreement to such actions by providing the data.

    3.3.2. When transferring the data to the third parties is necessary within the access to the other websites, or in order to provide certain services to the users;

    3.3.3. When the data transfer is required by the law;

    3.3.4. In order to ensure the protection of the lawful rights and interests of the Website or the third parties whenever the users break the Privacy Policy of the Website.
3.4. Processing of users’ personal data is based on the Federal Law of Russia “Of personal data”.

4. Editing users’ personal data.

4.1. The users can access and edit and update their personal data at any time, as well as update the confidentiality settings by contacting the website via e-mail:

4.2. The users at any moment has the right to withdraw their agreement for processing their personal data by contacting the website via e-mail: 

5. Measures of protection of users’ data.

5.1 The Website takes all necessary measures and actions to protect users’ personal data. The website has SSL-certificate installed, which keeps users’ information secure from any outsiders. Additionally, we are using other measures and protection services, provided by iThemes Security. It prevents intruders from accessing, altering, stealing or destroying users’ information, as well as prevents any other unlawful actions.

6. Changes in the Privacy Policy and applicable laws.

6.1. The website has the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. The date of the latest update will be displayed below. Every new update is valid as soon as it is published on the website, if not stated otherwise.

6.2. In controversial situations the law of the Russian Federation is applicable.

7. Feedback, questions and suggestions

7.1. If you have any question regarding the website or the studio, please send an e-mail to: