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who we are and what we do

Who are we?

Clarus Victoria is an independent game development studio from Russia. Established in 2013, we released 5 successful games that were localized to over 13 languages and received positive feedback from the audience.

Our team

Clarus Victoria team consist of 8 dedicated core members and a number of amazing volunteers and freelancers. In our core team we have two game designers, two coders, two artists and one PR manager. We don’t have an office, everybody work remotely from different cities in Russia or even from other countries.


Creating a perfect game. The perfect game is a simulation, indistinguishable from the reality, where players can do anything they want to explore the world. We believe that the perfect game will become one of the main technologies in the future and will help to expand human’s potential to the maximum. Every project is getting us one step closer to this game. Our core values are:


Our work is focused on the ultimate interest and the depth of gameplay for the maximum number of players. There is nothing worthy of sacrifices when the alluring game created with the utmost diligence is at stake.


We are using systematic approach every minute of our work. To achieve the best result with the minimum efforts, we are taking every detail into account in a holistic manner. We are the global thinkers and the game changers.


We realize that we can’t achieve outstanding results immediately. We prepared plans of various scale and we are going to follow these plans step-by-step. Right now we are focusing on historical strategy games because they allow us to figure out our world and its history. But we do not plan to stop on it.


Besides entertainment, our projects bring players useful skills and knowledge accumulated over the course of human history. When people play our games they learn and develop themselves, by proxy making the world a better place.

Support us

If you like what we do and would like to support us, there is always a way!

  • If you like our games, recommend it to your friends. Talk about it on your favorite websites, encourage your favorite streamer to play our games. It would mean the world for us!
  • Help us to translate our games to your language! Join us as a volunteer translator!
  • Leave reviews in game stores! Let others know what did you like or dislike about our games.
  • If you are an influencer, a letsplayer or a writer, and if you want to feature our games on your channel, contact us at pr@clarusvictoria.com

Our friends


Russian Academy of Science

The main goal of the Center is to carry out complex scientific research in the fields of history, culture, languages and religion of ancient, medieval, and modern Egypt.

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Antropogenez.ru Is the most popular of the Russian-speaking platforms dedicated to human evolution.

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Press about us

"In the full game, the number of options available is very impressive. Games can be set up that follow the course of history, or you can create your own history in the appropriately named sandbox mode."
"Predynastic Egypt and its sequel, Egypt: Old Kingdom, both from Russian studio Clarus Victoria, distil the satisfaction of early-game Civ into a thick marmite, and spread it over two games and around eight hours of play."
"It’s a game of exploration, population and resource management, construction and territorial expansion, technological and cultural advancement, trade, and warfare. It pretty much covers all the bases."