10 interesting facts about Clarus Victoria. — Clarus Victoria

10 interesting facts about Clarus Victoria.

Where do we live? How do we work? What kind of apps do we use? Here is a little collection of facts about our team!

  • Clarus Victoria exists since 2013.
  • Our team consists of 8 people.
  • We never had an office, we all work from home. Coronavirus is nothing new for us!
  • Our geography is quite remarkable. We all work from 5 cities in total: Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, Pskov, Krasnodar, and St. Petersburg.
  • We all work according to our respective time zones and have flexible hours.
  • It’s probably easy to guess that most of us are introverts. But we love people! Especially those who play our games! 😉
  • Every Monday we have a conference call, to keep each other informed about last week’s progress and next week’s plans.
  • Even though we have flexible hours, we all agreed that the best option would be to work 8 hours per day, according to the labor laws of Russia.
  • Most of our team have NEVER MET EACH OTHER IN REAL LIFE.
  • We use Discord for our daily communication and a nifty program called Confluence for our documents. We also use a bunch of different apps and programs which make our online co-working space as convenient as any office. Maybe we’ll go into them sometime!

We hope these facts helped us to get to know each other better! Join our Discord to find out more!


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